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It’s not magic, it’s science. Reach your fitness goals with the help of our talented trainers.


The Perfect Match

Our team is made up of the most talented, educated, knowledgeable and passionate people. Although our trainers are among the best in the industry, our job is to find the best match for you, based on your goals and needs.


Complete Fitness + Lifestyle Assessment

Our assessment is like no other you’ve experienced before. We dive into all there is to know about what makes you unique, so we can understand where you’re starting. From health history, injuries and medical concerns, movement patterns, muscle balance testing, flexibility, strength, nutrition and lifestyle habits, body composition and more, so we can build the most custom program, that will help you achieve your goals and more.


Custom Program

Based on the results of your assessment and your personal goals, we will take a science, and evidence-based approach, to build a program that’s specific for you. We will then teach you how to perform the program properly. Your program will be challenging, safe, and appropriate for where you are in your health and fitness journey. We will ensure you understand what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how we’re going to make sure you succeed. We leave no stone unturned, and no goal incomplete.


Reassessment + Results

As you work through your custom program, we periodically perform fitness and lifestyle reassessments to monitor your progress and results. We adjust and tweak your routine, to keep you moving forward and pushing you harder when the facts tell us you have it in you.



$ 420

10 Sessions

$ 800

20 Sessions

You deserve to feel confident and strong in your body.

At Compound Fitness we focus on real, long-term results.

Whether you want to keep up with the kids, rock a new swimsuit, or even just carry the groceries in by yourself — our goal is to give everyone the freedom of independent fitness for life.
For us, fitness is about community and the commitment to working hard for permanent changes that you can be proud of. Our coaches go through rigorous training to help every member improve their quality of life no matter when they decide to start.